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At Indian Cuisine - Taste of the Raj, we take our customers as seriously as we take our food, so if you have any comments or suggestions about our service, or would like to give us some feedback on the quality of a recent order, we would love to hear from you.

Please use the short form below to submit your comments to us. Where a response is due, we will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours. Thank you.

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Comments from our Customers

After eating your curry at a friends house, we would like to be put on your mailing list so that we know when you are coming to Payrac or Souillac next. We would like to return the favour for our friends!

Mary, Souillac

3 years of indian culinary delights! Even though we haven't yet dared to try some of the 2 or 3 spiced meals, the vast majority of the dishes are true explosions of exquisite flavours... Congrats to the chef!

Vincent, Aubeterre, September 2017

Absolutely fabulous, best chicken tikka I have tasted and the Bombay aloo was sooo tasty. Everything was presented in containers marked with everything we required. Superb.

Anne, Mareuil, August 2016

Boy... you guys can cook!

Brian, Thiviers, August 2016

Hope you enjoyed your curry yesterday - ours was fabulous! Of course, I passed all the dishes off as if they were my own, well, I did make one curry, the puppodoms, nan bread and yoghurt mint sauce, so I did contribute. Anyway, they were absolutely delicious, so, my next questions is, when can I get some more?

J & R, Brantôme, August 2016

Thanks to our english friends Betty and Sue (and their friends) we could order this delicious food and we'll be back for sure too!

Hans and Henriette, Souillac, May 2015

Our first "take away curry" in France and we've lived here for 23 years - it was worth the wait! Delicious!

Lesley, Mareuil, May 2015

This was our first curry in France. My husband is not normally a curry fan but we and 2 friends enjoyed the meal very much. We now have other friends who want to join us next time. Please let us know when you will be delivering again to Souillac.

Pauline, Souillac, May 2015

We and friends ordered a feast which one of us collected from Souillac on May 2nd and thoroughly enjoyed on Saturday evening by 12 of us. The food was absolutely delicious and we are most certainly returning for more. All of us have agreed that we shall make an Indian Feast evening a regular feature in our calendar when you come to Souillac, and we shall also fill our freezers. Fantastic! Thank you.

Sue & Betty, Souillac, May 2015

The quality of the food was excellent, the portion sizes were more than adequate and everybody gave you the thumbs up - we'll be back! We are already planning our next get-together and may ask you if possible to "turn the heat up" on a couple of dishes! Wishing you success.

Gerald, Souillac, May 2015

We joined friends last night for our first Indian takeaway since we've been in France and we're delighted. The selection was good, The portions were very adequate, the selection varied. We look forward to your next delivery.

Clive & Annette, Souillac, May 2015

We attended a dinner organised by friends in the Souillac area to make it worthwhile The Taste of Raj delivering here and are so glad it was a success. The food was absolutely delicious and generous portions. We will definitely be ordering again, so come on down!

Juliette, Sarlat, March 2015

Just to let you know that the Indian meal was fabulous despite having a problem with the delivery yesterday We shall definitely be ordering again in the future. Many thanks for your patience and help

Jenny & Colin, Aubeterre, November 2014

We are the "first timers" from last night who were expecting a "white van" delivery. The food was excellent, we finished the last bits for breakfast. Having lived in Yorkshire for 20+ years we have enjoyed great curry houses in Bradford, and we confirm this is as good!

Robert, Barbezieux, Sepember 2014

Our curry was absolutely beautiful, clean plates all round even from the kids, well worth the wait.

Karen, Brantome, August 2014

What a real find... thanks to DVN. And thanks to you both for some wonderful meals lately. A quick glance through the freezer and we are set up for the evening. Cannot wait to try some more on the June delivery... we shall be there! Don't forget the Lamb Biryani for my mates! Thanks again.

Leigh, Thiviers, May 2014

Excellent food which the whole family enjoyed and delivered spot on time in Périgueux. Great tastes, generous portions and great value. Many thanks and see you again soon

Brian, Hautefort, May 2014

Hi, We were lucky enough to win your donation of a 3 course meal for 2 at a recent fund raising event for Brantome Police Horses. We had not tasted your food previously, but after thoroughly enjoying your generous prize last night we will be back for more, this time as paying customers. Really really nice food, thank you.

John, Milhac, April 2014

Just a quick note of thanks for the samosas that we found in last Friday's order. Normally, I'm not a great fan of them, finding them too fatty, yours however, we're not and were absolutely delicious! As have been the meals in general. When we have the chance (I think that may have been in a bygone era) both my wife, Alyson, and myself make curries ourselves. They are not like yours however, and might be more considered as Indian peasant food. The opportunity to have a proper 'English' takeaway has been a godsend of late. Thank you!

Tony, Chalais, April 2014

We look forward to our local delivery every time. We generally get a group of friends together and make an evening of it. We have tried various dishes from the menu available and are always more than happy with the quality and portion size. The value for money goes without saying, a two course meal with side orders for under 30 € per couple, fantastic.

Claire, Barbezieux, April 2014

I had completely forgotten to email you back to say thank you for making the effort to come to Perigueux with the food order. Just to let you know the starters were wonderful. Lovely tikka & tandoori chicken, the meat samosas were fantastic. The butter chicken was good, but I didn’t know what to make of the tikka masala, had a lot of mint sauce and was quite overpowering, the rice however was spot on. Overall we were very satisfied with the food (especially the starters). I hope to make another order sometime in March, and try some other meals.

Domonic, Périgueux, February 2014

In the process of stocking up again as I get withdrawal symptoms if I have no Taste of the Raj curries to look forward to. It really started something once I'd found out what delicious food they produced.

Jean, Mareuil, February 2014

The food we ordered today was delicious, we both really enjoyed it all. We will definitely be ordering again and again, thank you.

Ruth, Chalais, December 2013

Absolutely delicious, so good to find authentic cooked Indian meals which we all love. Great for the freezer although they are not actually in there long enough! The Thai green and Thai red curry are to die for. Am spreading the word see you Friday thanks.

Lucy, Montbron, November 2013

Absolutely delicious again. Starting to make headway into the menu, then I can go back and start all over again..... what a prospect.

Jean, Mareuil, November 2013

Absolutely wonderful, completely knocked out by having such delicious food almost right on my doorstep. Best I've had for years. Can't wait for more - going to just eat my way through the menu...

Jean, Mareuil, October 2013

I picked it up at 2-30 in Nontron. At 7pm, I was searching for more bread to wipe the plates absolutely clean! Thank you, Susan. See you next time.

Ernie, September 2013

The first indian takeaway in 8 years - what a special treat!! The price was very reasonable and the food was delicious - thai green curry and the korma - yummy!!! I shall be ordering again for sure.

Tony, Cupcakes, June 2013

Just had my first Vindaloo, and I'm hooked!

Tim, April 2013

Since leaving England 11 years ago, this is the most authentic Indian food we have had here in France. If you miss the good flavours of Indian food then Indian Cuisine - Taste of The Raj is a must for you! You will not be dissapointed.

La Tonnellerie, Châteauneuf-sur-Charante, April 2013

The food just goes on being excellent quality, as well as good value. We are now addicted to the Thai Green Curry, and the starters are fab. Well done Susan.

Laura, Anglo Foods, March 2013

We have been ordering food from taste of the Raj on a regular basis since last November. Every meal we have ordered has been a culinary delight. We order usually order 6/8 meals and use them over 3 weeks finishing in time for the next delivery. We highly recommend the cuisine and we have tried all dishes. Absolutely wonderful dining experience in our own home without the cooking and the mess!.

Vyvyian, February 2013

We have now finished the curries we ordered and collected from Anglofoods. We were delighted with them all. We had 3 Indian, a Green Thai, a Red Thai and a Pork Satay. They were delicious, especially the Thai curries. We also enjoyed the bhajis and tandoori chicken fillets. We shall definitely be ordering again...and again, and have told our friends to start ordering, too!

Shirley & David, January 2013

We have just ordered a selection of dishes from the "Specials Menu" and I must say it was fantastic. The whole family enjoyed the experience and we will be placing an order with you again very soon.

Tony, Villebois, January 2013

The various curries and the starters we picked up Saturday morning were wonderful and it went down a treat with the French family last night, so a very big thank you for supplying good food.

Graeme & Geraldene, Thiviers, January 2013

Thank you so much for allowing us to order our delicious indian meal at short notice and outside of your normal ordering system. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I have passed on your leaflet to many of our colleagues and friends, I have posted your leaflet in our shop window in Ribérac, hopefully we will convert some french friends and colleagues into ordering their first Indian meal! We will definitely be making our order for January. Looking forward to seeing you real soon. Jingle Bells and happy New Year to you both!!!! Karen and Keith xx

Karen Phillips, Brantôme, December 2012

I did not think I would find anything authentic over here, but I was blown away... so much better than anything out of a jar. Wonderful meal, great flavour... See you again very soon.

John Berry, Thiviers, October 2012

We picked up our first order today, and because we were so looking forward to our first "indian" in years, we were worried that we might be disappointed - but we are so pleased to say our fears were totally unfounded. Absolutely delicious and we will be making regular orders from now on. Thank you xxx

Mandy Petherick, Thiviers, October 2012

We just finished the first dinner ordered from Taste of the Raj. It was FANTASTIC! Great value. We say to anyone who is wondering if they should try your service: Do so right now. No hesitation at all! It's too bad we are soon leaving the area. I would love to have your cooking again. We saved the sauces remaining to have with baguettes tomorrow. This is coming from someone who was born in India and had Nana's cooking to compare to :)

John Orian, Chalais, October 2012

Just placed my second order. My first order was for 12 people and we had a great selection, portion sizes are really good & prices good too. Easy way to entertain at home!

Dawn Carter, October 2012

Great meal, fantastic flavour, lovely people to deal with - we will be back for more VERY SOON.

Brian Amos, Thiviers, July 2012

This was our first time in trying 'Taste of Raj'. The delivery was excellent, the food was first class and it was very good value for money. Keep up the good work and we shall be seeing you again shortly.

Graham Redhead, Thiviers, July 2012

We have had our first order from you and must say that the food was excellent and it was good value for money, I will definitely be ordering again.

Steve Ellis, May 2012

This was our first time of ordering and the food was fantastic. Really good portion sizes, delivered in easy to use containers. excellent value for money. Well done.

Michelle Cooling, May 2012

At last we have found a decent curry - one of the very few things we miss about dear old Blighty. Lovely fresh food, very authentic and all at a great price. We will be seeing you again very soon. Thank you!

Laura, Blanzac-Porcheresse, April 2012

We ordered from you for the first time recently and were blown away by both the quality of the food and also the excellent value for money. We are definitely going to be regular customers from now on!

Will, Milhac-de-Nontron, March 2012

I just wanted to say that Hubby, family and myself thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I especially loved the P Rice. My hubby loves hot food and he thought the chilli chicken spot on for his taste buds. We will be buying again and singing your praises to anyone that will listen! Thanks again for a lovely tasty curry.

Donna, Milhac-de-Nontron, January 2012

I love Indian food and have been missing a decent curry since I moved out here several years ago. Finally, we have an Indian takeaway service - and a fantastic one to boot!

Lee, Villebois-Lavalette, January 2012